The Supernal Saint: Voice Noise

 -An ancient former hero, bound by unbreakable chains and a mute voice, is eternally punished by uncontrollably waking and blacking out through time and dimensions.

In each location, he must decide to act upon his much desired revenge or do what he no longer wishes to do...let his power take him and be a hero.- 

Most days I wish to have even the littlest use of my vocal chords. 

Most days I wish to speak. Not to say anything profound to the crooked men and monsters I've been fighting, but just to be heard again. Just to hear my own voice again. To know I'm still a person and not a mindless ancient weapon. 

Most days I wish I weren't mute. 

But in the middle of so much noise, the never ending vortex of waking, wandering, and fighting, the cracking of every town, the crashing of every time I end up in, the screaming of every dimension I phase through, today is not one those days.

Today I'm okay with existing in the silence.