The Supernal Saint: Nothingness of HIM

-An ancient former hero, bound by unbreakable chains and a mute voice, is eternally punished by uncontrollably waking and blacking out through time and dimensions.

In each location, he must decide to act upon his much desired revenge or do what he no longer wishes to do...let his power take him and be a hero.-

I woke.

Or did I blackout?

I felt my eyes. They were indeed opened.

Yet all I could see was blackness. Not blind. Blackness.

But that’s not the most disturbing thing. It was the silence. Deafening doesn’t even being to describe it. And it’s not the silence that normally I’m use to. It’s the kind that even drowns out my own thoughts.

Then I heard it. 


The one responsible for…EVERYTHING. My anger distorted even my simplest thoughts.

“Welcome, to the place dead ones. To the void of nonexistence.” The poison of HIS words crawled on my skin. “Yes, this is the end for those who meet death. Even ‘your people’.”

Shut up. Shut UP! Get out of my head. Get out.

“I didn’t quite hear that. Something rip out your throat? Or someONE?”

And as if his words triggered a response in my body, I felt a tingling burn in my chest. But it wasn’t enough. I had to do something. I had to focus.

“Come on old friend, let it all swallow you. The pain. The guilt. The failure...The elderly. The crippled. The children.”

Even in the emptiest void…

“Hear that? The beautiful screams? Sound familiar don’t they? Remember them. Feel their pain.”


…in the face of black nothingness…

“Youuuu arrreee aloonnnee.”


…when the only thing that can be heard is the sinister form of existence.

“They are gone.”


There has to be some light.

“Youuuu arreee ovvverrrr.”


There has to be some.

‘It. Is. Over.”


There has to….

Then, in the distance I noticed something. The tiniest glimmer of something shiny, something gold. It waved in the nothingness. Like a candle about to go out but strong enough to brighten everything around it. 

Just barely visible. Hardly noticeable. But still...

...It was there.

It was enough.

And somehow, someway, I escaped.

And I woke up.