Phil' Story: Never The Same


"My wife of 5 years, left me. 

I did everything I could to win her back, to work through it so that we could save our marriage.  But she just wasn’t willing to do the same.  My heart was broken. My whole world shattered.  

How could this happen? This wasn’t the plan. I’m a good Christian! I tried to be a good husband. My ‘programming’ had gone on the fritz. 

Then I woke up.  

It happened that night. I stood in front of our students, and tried to find the words, but all that came out were tears.  Instead, my closest friend spoke for me, explaining what I was going through.  As he finished, I look up and a mob of high school students surrounded me.  With their hands laid upon me, they prayed. I remember hearing God speak to me in that moment saying, THEY are going to take care of you. I AM going to take care of you. 

I would like to tell you that my life was easy from then on, but that’s the truth. Yet, there was one. I was no longer a robot. 

A group of teenagers awakened me to the reality of Jesus' love.  He took me by the hand, helped me to my feet, and I stood up a new person.  My life was never the same after that."  


Colossians 1:13 "He has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved Son,"

No matter how dark, or broken, God resurrects. Seize your story for you are no longer lifeless.