New Familiar Friend

"Hey you know what?"

I froze on the trek to my car at Walmart after hearing the kind voice. To my surprise a man who stood about 6 foot 10 inches asked me, with a desperate frustration, the most random question.


"Why did they have to make a reboot of The Mummy movies?"

"What?" I asked, startled since this tower of a man roadblocked me from my car.

"I mean the other Mummy movies weren't that bad. They were fun right?"

My concern turned to a smile.

"Um...yeah they uh....they were." I looked around to make sure he was talking to me.

"I mean I think Brendan Fraser made movies fun when he was in them. But Tom Cruise...we get enough of Tom Cruise, don't we? Like, why can't they just make a new series but with Brendan?"

I admired his genuine concern.

I realized I've seen this guy before. He works on the cart crew at Walmart. I overheard him one day talking to one of his cohorts about his disability as I headed into return an item. He has something similar to autism and Aspergers but slightly different. I remember hearing him say that it causes him to react differently than most other cases.

It didn't matter to me. The way he approached me filled me with such warmth. Such kindness. A sense of home.

"Listen man, I'm with you 100% on this. I feel the same way about the whole reboot thing in Hollywood and couldn't feel more supportive of how you feel about Tom Cruise."

"Thank You!" Bursting so loud I was sure some shopper assumed something was wrong.


"Finally someone understands!" His hands raised.

"Glad I could help."

He then proceeded hunt down other carts. No "goodbye". No "nice meeting you". Just a conversation he simply had to have. Like we were already friends. I felt like I was talking to my brother or an old buddy. (It's been the same way since I saw him again after this day.) 

I wonder, what would it be like if we approached others with such openness and innocence?

What if we didn't see others as strangers with reservations?

What if this is how Jesus intended us to communicate with others?

What if saw them as friends? Friends we just haven't talked to yet.