ALOHA from Lou: When God Moves

A few months ago, something incredible happened. I was given an opportunity to teach at the high school night here at Hope Chapel.

I say incredible because I wasn’t planning on staying.

It was one of those days.
The kind of day that you are counting down minutes until you can lay in your bed. I was exhausted and I didn’t want to spend another 2 hours surrounded by people.

My plan was to leave after the first 20 minutes so then I could find peace and quiet. But that wasn’t God's plan.

Right when I was about to leave one the 10th grade guys in my small group came up to me and said “Hey Lou. Glad you’re here tonight”. I didn’t even think this kid knew my name but in that moment something changed in me. I decided to stay. And it was incredible.

I say incredible because I wasn’t supposed to happen.
I wasn’t supposed to speak that night.


The TV broke 15 minutes before the message was supposed to begin and at this point the youth group didn’t have a pastor so they had been watching a video series. No TV meant no message.

I was standing in the back and I could just feel God say, “You know you can speak if they need you to.”

I started making of every excuse in the book; “I am not qualified” “I haven’t prepared anything” “I am just a volunteer” “I am tired and plan on leaving soon.” But again, I felt God say even clearer, “You can speak if needed”

So in spite of my fear, I approached the leader in the back and told them if they couldn’t get the TV to work I could share. I figured if God didn’t want me to speak the TV would suddenly be fixed. Right? It wasn’t.

I had know idea what I was going to speak on. I obviously hadn’t prepared anything but all the sudden something incredible took place. I remembered all the last message I gave at EPIC, my youth group from home.

I say incredible not only because I remembered the whole message, transitions, jokes and all that but because it was a message I wasn’t originally going to do. It goes all the way back to July when I was in the Dominican Republic for a mission trip with EPIC. 


I was talking to one of my friends who I hadn’t seen in awhile and she asked me if I would be interested in speaking in the next week and a half at Converge, our big summer camp. She explained that she had a lot on her plate the next coming weeks and didn’t know if she would be able to give it the time it deserved. She told me no pressure if I couldn’t and to pray about so I knew that God wanted to me to speak at Converge.

I have seen and done some amazing things here on Maui. Jumped off cliffs. Stood under waterfalls. Saw waves taller the buildings. Watched the sunset above the clouds. But speaking that night?
That was the most incredible thing I've done here yet.


God had prepared that moment for months. There were so many reasons why I shouldn’t have been able to speak. But, by the grace of God, I did.

Sometimes we need to slow down and turn back a few chapters to see how God is working in our story.

Because God moves incredible ways.