ALOHA from Lou: Story

Beginning. Middle. End
Rising action. Falling action.
Climaxes and Twists


These are the things that make up our lives.

I love a good story. A thrilling adventure. One where the hero saves the day.

I have watched more movies, followed numerous TV shows and read multiple books that have this format.

The older I get I realize that the story I crave is the not the story I live.

I chose to let the bad guys win. I chose a life of ease. I chose to selfishness over selflessness.

We were created for exploring, making and worship.

You would think living in Hawaii I would be doing something epic and exciting every opportunity I had.

And I did in the beginning; when new wasn’t a choice, it was a way of life.

After a while though, unknown became known and routine filled the schedule.

I began to tame my story.

I was watching life through the window.

But I was fool to think it could be restricted.

When we are following the call of God we are on the greatest adventure of our life.

Hawaii or Florida, mountains or valleys, God’s call is an untamable creature.

Like a wave, full of power and beauty; an unstoppable force of nature. Surfers do not try to contain and tame the waves they ride them! They go where the waves are, they seek them out and they know their power. This week a surfing contest has been postponed for 3 days because the swell they thought was coming hasn’t come yet. Man can not tell the waves when to rise.

Admire the beauty, respect the power and most importantly ride; Ride His story. God took me to Hawaii but this not the end of my story,  Just the middle.


Live the story you crave by riding His story.

What I am reading:
Creature Called Stories by Marshall Coleman (what inspired this post, such powerful and simple truths to wrestle with)

What I am watching
Avenger Infinity war trailer (watched it like a billion times already)
This is Us (These last 3 episodes have proven this show is in my top 5 of favorite TV shows ever)
Punisher (Brutal but the best Marvel TV show in a while)

What I am listening to:
Two by Sleeping at Last (So much truth packed into a song! Loving his enneagram project!)
Shane & Shane
John Mark McMillan