ALOHA from Lou: I Miss...


I miss my family.
I miss Chick-fil-a.
I miss Chipotle.
I miss 4 Rivers.
I miss Publix.
I miss a lot of restaurants back home.
I miss working with my sister.
I miss watching movies with my dad.
I miss visiting my mom at her desk.
I miss Monday night dinners.
I miss my house.
I miss having a room to myself.
I miss my students.
I miss being able to teach.
I miss working with my best friends.
I miss Bahama breeze with the boyz
I miss talking with Joe.
I miss midnight mashups.
I miss going to Vessel
I miss going to the Five.
I miss Epic.
I miss home.

Do you know what I can say I didn’t miss?

An opportunity of life time.
That when God said go I went.
In that I find comfort.
In that I find rest.
In that I know I  am exactly where I am supposed to be;
surrounded by my new family,
my Ohana.

Stranger Things Season 2
Selling Water by the River by Shane Hipps
The Blue Parakeet by Scot McKnight
Creatures Called Stories by Marshall Coleman