ALOHA from Lou: Faithfulness



This is the first word that comes to mind when I describe my first month here on Maui. There are so many other words that I could use, like adventurous, stunning, beautiful - the list goes on - but the word faithful has taken on new meaning since I have been here.

I have always known God is faithful, but I feel like this month I truly have been experiencing it. I have been blessed with amazing hikes, swimming under waterfalls, surfing before work, breathtaking views and an incredible group of people to share these experiences with. My jaw hurts from dropping so much. I still can’t believe this is my life now.

But I can’t help but ask…why, God?

Why me? What did I do to deserve this?  


I don’t deserve to be here; I have made countless mistakes and caused hurt in a multitude of relationships, and there are people way more qualified to be here than me. I remember when I told my youth group back home that I was leaving, one of my students/friends walked up to me and said God kept on putting the statement “Well done, good and faithful servant” in his head for me.

I brushed off the comment because in my mind all I did was take a job in Hawaii. It wasn’t a reward - I was leaving a job I felt I was good at, I had a good schedule, I was satisfied with my community and the friendships I had. So when I felt God was calling me out into the unknown, of course I was dragging my heels a little bit. I was scared to death to drop everything I knew to come here.  If you read my post from August 8 I talk about those fears. After being here for a month I can say with confidence it could only be by God’s faithfulness that I am here.

God is revealing himself in ways that I could have never imagined!

I had forgotten what new tasted like. I had lost my passion for adventure. I didn’t know that I could call a group of strangers my ohana after a week of knowing them.

He has awakened a heart of humility in me.

All the fears I had before, God crushed with his faithfulness.

There is beauty and peace on the other side of fear.


And to think I would not have learned these truths if I stayed where it was safe, where I knew the routine and felt comfortable.

I know I am in the honeymoon phase of being on Maui (this place is literally called the ‘honeymoon island’), but God has been so faithful to let it last this long. I am excited to share with you what God is teaching me with these bi-monthly posts.


What you can be praying for:
-That God keeps the honeymoon phase going as long as it can.
-That God would provide volunteers can step up to our Friday night service

What I am listening to:
-Rescuer by Rend Collective
-Stick and Stones by Kings Kaleidoscope
-The Outfield by The Night Game
-A lot of Sleeping at Last

What I am reading:
Finish by Jon Acuff
Explicit Gospel by Matt Chandler

What I am watching:
-It (scariest movie I have ever seen but it was so good!)
-This is Us starts this week!