For Those in Nature's Destructive Path

With so much afftecting our world right now, I thought this poem might bring some encouragment. So whether you are in the recovery process, are about to be hit by a storm, dealing with fire or anything else that might be a battle, this is for you:


“Hope Wins”

In the times of your struggles,
in the weight of your pain,
May you not feel like you're wasting away.

There is hope for you daughters & hope for you sons.
Hope that says your soul will not be undone.

Hope that fights far past all of the bleeding. 
Hope that defends when the storm gives you a beating.

It comes in the form of being with you at all times,
even when all sound is as loud as a mime.


It comes being for you, no force stands against
It's power & love, so don’t ever lose this sense
of having nothing to fear, nothing large nor small,

for this hope, my friends, is the God of all.