Get Her Back

Today was the day I'd get her back.

Revenge was imminent.

After all she did.

After all the pain she inflicted on me.

After all the grief. The heartache. The burdens.

She deserved so much more than what I was about to give her. But it didn't matter.

I had everything I needed to precisely work out all that I planned.

Eventfully, she approached, stopping within feet of me. She started to shy away, almost backing up.

But I didn't wait. I had this only opportunity. From my pockets I extended out my weapons. The only thing that would change anything. The one thing that could turn the whole situation on its head. Everyone around stood in shock with their jaws nearly thumping to the floor.

Then, just as I hoped, it worked. She fell right into them. All that had been felt before was finally satisfied in this moment. The tension was gone. The anger vanished...

...And warmth resided.

Not just within me, but her as well. She smiled, as did I. And it was all from the weapons I was meant to use. The ones used for revenge on the darkness.

The most powerful of all.

My wide open arms.

Marshall ColemanComment