My Own Eulogy

 "You're up. Remember, once you're done, I'll take you right On Home," He said with the warmest smile.

I nodded.

"I was a good person."

That's what I wished to say, anyway. Good. But it's different when you're eulogizing your own funeral. Especially with a chance to tell so many people who showed up. Every single person I knew. Everyone I remember. Even the acquaintances seemed like family.

I wished at first to brag to about all the fantastic things I'd done to impress them, or remind them. The adventures I went on. I accomplishments I made. The places I'd been. But none of that seemed significant now that I was...

I was given a rare deal by the one taking me, what did he call it? Home.

He said He'd give me one last opportunity to explain myself to people. One last shot to share the importance of my life. And then after, He'd take me with Him to...wherever I must go.

Now with a chance to speak and a crowd of people sitting around me, my mouth hung open as it couldn't find any sound. I thought about everything I could say and wanted to say to these people. Every moment.

How sorry I was I couldn't give them more time. How I sought forgiveness for anytime I ever did any of them wrong. How I really felt on the inside about them all sitting here. How I cared for every single of them. How my heart yearned to hug them all for hours once more. But their faces said it all.

One after the other had tears running, streaming down their cheeks. Every eye swam. Some were convulsing, others smiling through pain, but all were celebrating my life. Celebrating who I was to them.

"I think this is enough. I'm ready to go now."

"Yes. Those who end up going On with love in their soul...their life has said it all."

"Thank you...for this".

He nodded and let our that same smile. "Just wait until you see what's next."

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