Write With Your Breath


You have one thing from the moment you’re born until the second you pass on.

Not money or possessions or accomplishments or even people. 

Simply the wind within our lungs.  

Our own constant writing utensil. 

Our breath. 

Something we don’t even have to consciously try. Yet something we often take for granted. It just keeps going without effort.


And so often full effort we don’t give it. 

The Creator made you. Molded you. Filled you with breath in your lungs. Gave you life to your soul for a reason. For the sake of loving you. 

Give the Creator the same.

Give this life the same.

For one reason.

Because of your love.

Every moment is chance to be grateful for this gift. Stop writing with your status updates. Stop leaving your mark with hashtags. Stop waiting for approval from those you compare your life to online.

Do what you were made to do. 

Write with your breath.

And Seize Your Story ahead.