When You Don't Know What to Write

This morning I woke up and had no idea what to write.


I mean, I knew I had to share something. It is Tuesday after all, and that's when I usually share stories on here. Even with lots of exciting things happening-like a 1 month old baby and a new book coming out in a week, just to name a couple-I was still coming up blank. 

And then I thought, isn't this true for my life too? And yours?

You go through the same routine and it gets easy to fill in all the parts. Things seem to run smoothly. There's organization. There's structure. There's something to fill in what you expect, more or less. But it's when things get out of whack, when something happens that puts a cog in the rolling wheel, that's when you can wonder what to do next.


It could be a good thing like a job offer, a chance to go overseas for school, or simply an opportunity you can't pass up that might changes how things currently are.
It could be a not so good thing to deal with, like a sickness or death or a loved one, or financial struggles, or failing at something you worked endlessly on.

Or maybe it's something that's gotten beyond your control. Like allowing yourself to fall into addiction or dealing with mental illness like depression.
Whether it's good or bad, they are difficult to decide what to do next.

I think seeking out our Creator in prayer is absolutely important. 
But when the prayer ends there's only one obvious route to go.

Keep writing.

Keep experiencing.
Keep moving.
Keep breathing.
Keep learning.
Keep living.

Keep seeking.

Stories would be boring without action and difficulty. And they wouldn't be stories without decisions and choices. They'd just be characters shaped by words.

You are more than that. You have something to live for.

Our regular contributor Lou Van Sickle, wrote in his last post, that we have a story to ride. One made by God that lives on our hearts when we seek Him. Seek Him in prayer. Seek Him in action and love. Seek Him when things don't go how you plan. Seek Him especially when they do. 

Don't just write your story. Ride it. And when you do that, God will make remarkable things out of your story.

When you don't know what to do, keep moving forward. Ride it out in faith.
Because God will carry you through this chapter and on through the next one.


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