The Snake

Today a snake tried to strike me. 

(As scared as I was, I can't make this stuff up.)

(Not the snake I encountered.) 

(Not the snake I encountered.) 


I was riding my bike through a trail in my neighborhood when it coiled its neck back, opened its mouth and leapt at my foot.

Once I realized what was going on and after I thought, "why does that stick look angry?", my instincts kicked in. I quickly lifted my legs, evaded in the widened direction and rode off. 

I turned my head around to make sure my mind wasn't playing tricks on me and, sure enough, it wasn't. Because that same furious brown snake chased after me. So I pedaled as fast as I could. He kept coming, yet I kept going. And in not more than 5 seconds, he gave up and reverted back to deep in the bushes. (Thank the Lord!)

Fitting for our journey here on earth. I've figured that out with a spiritually difficult week. Where things haven't gone as smoothly as I hoped, and a feeling of failure comes over me when I can't "do enough". 

When things are seeming so well one second, the snake of the story loves to strike. For no reason other than to take you down, (especially if you are pursuing this evil's enemy, the One True God). 

So what are we to do?

Evade. And if you can't, stay the path. Keeping riding strong to the place you've been. Following The Way.

God will bring you through no matter how or when or where the enemy strikes. (And he will keep striking.)

But keep believing.

And above all, keep going.