Why My New Book Is For You

—creatures called Stories— (a poem from the book Creatures Called Stories)
you are more than
while dismissing
all that tells you otherwise.

you are a piece
of poetry
while knowingly
living something that’s chaos.


here is the One
all around you
not bound to
your definition of all confines.

for This is Who’s
calling you
& drawing you
closer to what you were made for:

a sensational hope worth grasping.
a tenacious adventure worth taking.
a tale of real meaning.
a reading
for all humankind to share.

a beast that can’t be tamed.
a creature so carefully named.


Time to fill yours with true Life.


I wrote this poem around one belief:
You are a living story.

And I wrote more that around a similar concept:
Your story matters. 


I have a feeling you believe that. The reason we consume so many movies and binge so many shows is because a piece of us believes that. We see ourselves as the main character of the story. The focus. The one living a life worth binging.

But what if I told you there is a story happening all around you that lives within yours? One greater than anything you could ever imagine or experience. One that has changed the folds of history, humanity and in the universe together. What if I told you it's in the very lifeblood of your soul? Written on the very heart of your existence?

Coming from a place of darkness, I know this to be true. I've felt the weight being lifted. I've experienced the power of It's Light. I've been pulled out after being swallowed by that darkness.


And we all have those darknesses.

Mine has been called depression and lust. Yours might be addiction or greed.
Maybe heartbreak or anger or dishonesty. We all have fallen into it.

But just as I said happened to me, there is a Light which can break us from it. Something we can live into each day.

A hope that never quits shining.

And it comes from where your story began.


If you'd like to grow deeper into a tale worth living, if you want to live a life worth fighting for, if you desire to live into a hope that truly changes the world, then, Creatures Called Stories is the book for you.


I've said this before, but it's worth repeating. My prayer has always been this with anything I write: "God, may You allow this to impact at least one life for Your glory."

Call me cheesy, but I literally pray that right before anything I write or make. Including this article. 

To my surprise, that prayer has been answered time and time again. And it's been even more apparent in the announcement and pre-release of Creatures Called Stories.



From someone looking to learn new perspectives:
"I seriously loved it. Seeing our life as a story that relates each chapter we go through with different storytelling concepts. Makes you rethink the bigger story we're meant to tell and live. The one intended for us by Our God."

From a non-reader:
"I'm not really a reader because I don't really have the time with my schedule. But this is like it was written with busy people in mind! I can read it on-the-go or all at once and it's still powerful."

From someone who dislikes poetry:
"Let me be clear, I usually do NOT like poetry. Hate is a mild description of my feelings towards it. But this book might have changed my mind. It brings to light simple concepts in a fresh way that make you think about them differently than how a "normal" book would present them. And I'm going out on a limb here to say...I thought this book-a poetry book-was awesome!

From a ferocious reader:
"I couldn't get enough of it. In fact, I devoured it in one sitting. I have a feeling I'll be going back through this multiple times."

From anonymous:
"I feel like I can run through a brick wall this book has me so pumped. I'm that inspired. I want to live something worth telling. And I'm looking forward to keep living the story I was made for!"


Then the only option leads HERE.

Pre-order now (or order tomorrow) on Kindle. Or order NOW in print.

Whether it's for you or for someone who might need some Light, may you live into Hope.


For Hope is the Light that will keep writing the story you were made for.