Living For God Told in Two Sentences

“The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and covered up. Then in his joy he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field." 

-Jesus of Nazareth, Recorded in the Gospel of Matthew Chapter 13, verse 44.


One story. One Verse. Summarizing the one truth on what living for God comes.

The story itself follows a common theme during Jesus' day that in was of legend in villages. During this time, it seemed to be a recurring phenomena that people would hear through the grapevine. A story of one person from nearby who ended up finding something of incredible value on a piece of land and, in turn, becoming the wealthiest person around over night. Everyone has seemingly heard this piece before. (Ellicott).

But Jesus changes this version to one with more meaning.

He trades the treasure from something that is fading and man-made to something worth so much more. An entire kingdom beyond what this world can comprehend: everything that God offers to humanity.

Forgiveness, Love, Grace, Mercy, Hope, Victory over sin, Freedom from darkness, Joy, Authentic Peace, the promise for a better day on this day, tomorrow, and after our physical days are over (just to name a few).


And if you actually find it for what it is, a promise to fulfill all that you truly need, all you were made for and all that fulfills the soul holding your body, you'll find a decision has to be made.

Will you continue to live just as you were? Will you leave the treasure buried, waiting to only uncover it when you feel it convenient? 

Or will you do something more drastic? Will you get rid of all that is holding you back so that you can finally have that which your soul has been longing for since birth?

Because that is the decision that affects us all.

And that is the decision that allows us to experience the Kingdom of Heaven not just after our days on Earth, but also as we walk them now.