Every Day IS an Adventure


I’ve always both loved and despised this quote from one of America’s founding fathers. 

These first portion get you motivated to write and create.
To shape and mold something great.
To work at it.
To try and perfect it.

But at the same time, the latter can make you feel like you have to do something 'epic' or 'thrilling' in order to write about it.

But here's the reality that another famous writer, Malcolm Gladwell, says (that I happen to fully be on board with):



That means if you look close enough, if you peer from a different angle, if you truly take in this gift of life, life will give you something to write about-especially in the 'normal', 'average', 'everyday'.

Which means doing something worth writing about can be as epic as climbing a mountain or as simple as going to get groceries.

As awesome as saving a life, or as wonderful as breathing. 

It simply depends on the eyes in which you’re watching. 

Which is why these words below sent from my wife the other night sparked something in me as my daughter and I were on our way to get groceries:


Which led to this: 

Every day there is adventure. Every day there is something worth doing. Something worth writing about. 

What matters are the eyes reading the story in front us. 

And the heart behind the one writing it.