4 Musicians That Will Move Your Soul


With so many choices out there, it's hard to find new music that's full of both talent & inspiration.

Here are three artists for you to check out now that will move you in one way or another:

1. The Oh Hellos


Brother & sister Tyler and Maggie Heath started this up-tempo folk band of around 13 people from Texas. Their anthemic rhythms and choir-sounding backgrounds will have you smiling and dancing in no time. Through The Deep, Dark Valley is definitely an album worth starting on. And their Christmas Album just might become a favorite year round. They just released a new EP with 3 more to come out this year. LISTEN HERE

2. Lilly Van Sickle


One of the truest forms of singer-songwriters you will find. With a voice that speaks light and carries comfort, she delivers something very rare in so many songs today: a good story. Hers are songs of truth, of hope and of reflection that will challenge you. I dare you to try to listen only once to her new album Parade. LISTEN HERE

3. Leon Bridges


A man who has revived soul music for this century. The open recordings and classic voice will make you think this is something straight from 1970s soul, though it might even be better. Lyrically deeper than one might anticipate on some tracks, it does not disappoint in the slightest. Smooth Sailing and River are songs that just might be able to stand the test of time. LISTEN HERE


4. LandMark


A band that many have anticipated to start for years, even before their marriage. Phil & Casey Coleman are experienced artists that have finally put their heads together to make something special. Their echoing harmonies and rounded out rhythms are backed up by some excellent songwriting that speaks unspoken truths. They are something that today’s music industry desperately needs. Home is a single they just released as they are currently working on new music. LISTEN HERE


What are some other new artists that move your soul?  Share in the comments or on the link to this article on social media.