2 Recent Stories For What’s Right with the World

Andre Ingram

The best underdog story you need to remember.


A shooting guard who was drafted into the NBA Developmental League (similar to minor league baseball) 10 years ago. And for 10 years straight he kept playing. Kept pushing. Kept believing that he was going to get his shot to reach his dream, to play in the NBA. And for the last 2 games, he was finally given the opportunity.

But it wasn’t just that he played. He dominated in his debut, scoring 19 points off of one of the quickest-triggered three point shots in recent memory. The 32 year old (older by pro basketball standards) took the world by storm showing everyone that if you keep working, keep grinding, and keep believing, it just might actually pay off.

Take a look for yourself.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber led worship at Cochella. Yes, you read that correctly.


Something is definitely happening in this guy’s heart. He’s been doing this quite frequently as of late, singing songs of worship at various events and concerts here and there. He even has given near-mini-sermons along with them about God’s hope.

Here at this past weekend’s world renown party concert festival, Cochella, Bieber woke up Sunday morning to do a different kind of musical number. Leading a group of people into God’s presence through various songs of worship. It’s pretty powerful.

Check it out.

May these stories inspire you to look for what is right in the world this week.


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