Get Angry at Injustice

There is so much injustice going on in the world, (the Syrian War, Russia's Religious Laws, North Korea's human rights' atrocities, hunger & refugee issue in Ethiopia just to name a few) and most people seem to react in different ways. 

Some with the, "Oh my goodness" comments in disbelief with their hands over their mouths and their heads shaking. Others with immediate, calming, peace-seeking prayer. And others who just choose to ignore it as "not my problem". Depending on what hits us hardest, some of us react a certain way to one thing and a different way to another.

We are human. It's how our brain works. We have certain feelings of empathy towards different things.

But from seeing so many people dying from injustice, so many attacks upon innocent civilian lives in Aleppo, so many children suffering from lack of food or water because there isn't enough to go around in their orphanage, or so many horrific hate crimes that result in mutilation and death in the middle east, I can't help but feel something I don't normally feel.

I'm angry.

Burning, fist-clenched, walls punched yelling at the top of my lungs angry. And it seems to be pointed in multiple directions. Part of it is at the act of injustice itself, and then the other part points inward. I'm angry for not being able to do anything. And I blame me.

Now don't get me wrong, I definitely react in the ways I shared above numerous times. But when I feel led I try to act if I can.

I've tried to spread awareness by sharing the occasional article on social media. I pray every single day for some sort of issue like these listed going on. I even reach for my wallet sometimes to support organizations that help combat these difficulties. For so long I've felt so good about myself after acting in this way. Serving one place here with students and serving through prayer and gifts to the rest of the world. We all might do a variation of this.

But I guess my heart has grown and changed. I'm left with that anger. And the reason why scares me. In fact, it's kept me tossing and turning the past few months.

I feel like I need to GO. 

Use the physical hands and feet God has given me, and go help those in the middle of injustice. And that is not my comfort zone in the slightest. 

I'm very comfortable sharing the Good News of Jesus to teens who might live in nicer houses and come to church. I'm not comfortable going to a war zone to help refugee families or anything remotely close to those lines.

You might feel the same way in your walk of life. Just fill in the blank. "I'm very comfortable doing (insert your action here) but I'm not so comfortable (insert other action here)". Yet anger still seems to stir in us when we are exposed to certain atrocities.

But this anger is not just there to boil. It must become action.

We may not know what exactly this entails, how long this means we'll have to wait to know just what we are called to do in the future, or where we'll end up with our families, but one thing is for sure.

We are human. And I believe God made us to help other humans. 

But anger can be tricky if it's not dealt with properly, especially when we set out to help others.

This anger should:

  1. Motivate. (without selfishness like Christ).
  2. Be against true injustice and sin (like poverty, war, persecution, etc.). 
  3. Not be allowed to sit as it can bury us in bitterness (Paul shares this in Ephesians 4:26). 
  4. Not be allowed to run wild and control us (just as Christ showed control over His emotions in Luke 19:47). 

Then it should become action. And that is where we go on helping another. For it is in the eyes of another human that we find the DNA of God.

Wherever you feel called or you might end up, like in a war zone, under a highway bridge or in the suburbs, may you act. May you use your hands and feet. 

May anger boil within you at injustice. 

May you get motivated to do something.

And may you, a human, help other humans of God.

Marshall ColemanComment