You Can't Embrace Today, Tomorrow

Good news. The sun is up and today is here.

And it's a day for you to be here, now.

Today you get the opportunity to breathe. 

You get to make choices.  Small or big, joyous or frightening. You get to make them.

You get to move, to think, to bleed, to heal. 

You get that.

That happens today. 


It doesn't matter if you are doing the mundane, in a stressful situation or have no plans at all.

Today is special. And you can make the most of it if you believe that.

Because today you are present. Today you have a story to live out. And you can seize today's story, only on this today.

Not everyone who was here yesterday gets to say that, now. 

The book has been opened. 

The page has been turned. 

The sun has risen.

Dawn has come. 

So be thankful. Embrace it. Bask in this gift (even if it's full of clichés).

For your today will only be here today.

Don't lose it while you still have the chance.