Now is the Time to Kneel, Christian

There is so much destruction, hate and fear are going on in our world right now. 

From every day occurrences in the Middle East, to modern day slavery in sex trades and child militarization, to horrific civil wars in different countries in Africa, to the horrific tragedy in my hometown of Orlando, there is hurt. There is hate. There is division. There is evil.

But there is not victory in those things. 

Fellow Christians, we must remember this. We must remember that we have a God who's love casts out fear and worry, war and hate. So we must do the most important thing we can during this time in our world's history. 

We must go to our God and pray. 


Before we take action, we must stay still.  

Before we open our mouths, we must listen.

Before we take a stand, we must kneel.

Because in midst of so much destructive hate, there is God. And where God is, there is also His perfect love.

A love that breaks the chains of fear. That binds the hearts of pain. And heals every living soul.

And to get this love to move and to work, human history tells us this:

God listens. 

And it starts and ends in prayer.

So kneel, Christian.

Don't just say you will. Don't just put it as a trending hashtag. Don't just let the thought of it pass you by. 


Remember that our God who defines love will bring that love forth.

And it. Will. Prevail.