Don't Get Flooded By the Busyness of Life

 Summer is here. 


And for many of those who work in Youth Ministry, like myself, it means a couple things: it's about to be awesome and also, it's about to be busy.

It's like floodwaters that we've been dealing with here in Houston (of which, I hope and pray everyone stays safe). Everything is fine. Then, almost instantaneously, the waters rise and it's here. 

We often get busy preparing for the time in our lives or year that we know are going to be busy. We get busy before being busy. It's only normal.   

But like these floodwaters, there are some things you simply cannot prepare for.

You must sit, wait, and reflect. 

It's a reminder that we cannot always be in control like we wish we could. And that our time before any busyness comes and takes over, should be busy with sitting, waiting and reflecting with the One who is in control.

This allows us to escape the drowning of busyness. This allows us to come up for air and breathe. 

Never get too busy for the One who gave you a life full of busy opportunities in the first place.