The One Thing You Can Do To Show Christ To Someone

Showing Christ to others is typically at the forefront of our Faith. And there is one thing we can do to make this happen in our every day life. Two simple words that can narrow it down for us.

Do Something. 

Recently, I was reminded of one my favorite stories from the late author, Robert Louis Stevenson. One night as a child, he was watching a man light the lamps down the street at night. Almost in a trance, he exclaimed "Look there! There's a man poking holes in the darkness."

This is what showing Christ does. It pokes holes in the darkness that almost seems impenetrable at times.

Yet, as beautiful as that is, that can be a lot of pressure. Maybe even a lot to handle. It can also be puzzling as to exactly what to do.

It Can Be Confusing, But Don't Worry

In the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5:14, Jesus called us to be the "light of the world". But often we can get in a fog, clouded over by ambiguous "churchy" language that might confuse what it means to actually "show Christ" to someone and shine that light. Though, it's rather simple.

It can mean doing some sort of act of kindness or generosity (building a wheelchair ramp for a neighbor or buying lunch for a friend when they don't expect it). It can mean simply being there for someone as a friend (being there to listen after a divorce or giving time to someone). It can mean just telling them about Jesus (talking over coffee). The list can go on forever. And that can be both helpful and overwhelming.

But don't worry.

If you are trying, you are getting somewhere.

Yes, you might mess up.

Yes, it might be awkward.  

You might even be totally rejected.

But keep at it. Little steps like giving time and energy and effort still shine the Light. 

Fight The Apathy Because of Who Jesus Is

Working in youth ministry I hear from students all the time on this topic. "We want to help but..." or "We know we should but..." Then they rationalize why they should end up keeping to themselves, and not reach out to someone.

And then what ends happening is nothing. Nothing at all.

A chance to show who Jesus is through our actions, our speech, our example and our love disintegrates into the darkness. (We all do this, not just teenagers). 

Jesus is too Good to us for that to happen.

Jesus is so Good and what He did for us by living, loving, dying and rising was so Good, that we should let others know how Good He indeed is. We shouldn't do it because we should expect something or because we might earn something or get on God's "Good Side". It should be because  Christ was so Good that we it should not just let that Goodness stay sitting within. It is only logical for us to get out from within ourselves and do...something.

You Can Rise Above

In a world where being glued to an iPhone game or watching 3 seasons of one tv show in 36 hours has become the norm, you can rise above.

You can stand up to the confusion or the overwhelm. You can embrace who Jesus was, is and always will be by taking in that feeling. You can take that feeling and spread it outward.

And you can start by taking small steps and do something.

Something for Christ is better than nothing for Him.

Because that something will be sharp enough to poke gaping holes through the darkness.


What are some other ways that you've shown Christ to someone or someone has shown Christ to you? Was it simple or unique? Share in the comments!