What To Do In A Noisy World of Influences

We live in a world colliding with constant noise.

Call it social media or influence or TV or whatever you want.

It's all noise.

Our bigger world is dominated by outer voices that share so much with our personal world. Most of it now comes through the smallest devices we carry in our pockets. 

And then, so many today feel they need to speak and share and say something. Anything. All the time. To make a sound for the sake of getting their breath into mix because of the influential noises they listen to.

Everyone must have an opinion. Everyone must be vocal. Everyone must have a say.

Everything must be loud. Everything must make noise. And that can be fine...to a point.

Yet, in a world where so much noise is gathered and trumpeted outward, it can be hard to hear the Creator who made noise in the first place. 

It's in this same world that more and more consider themselves to be without faith or belief in God.

Perhaps we should rid our busy lives and wandering souls of the noise and just be silent. Not just our voices but our souls.

Maybe we could stop blocking out so much with the sounds we are adding and finally hear the noise that we were meant to listen to.

The one that guides the lost. The one that leads the doubtful. That stills the struggles.

The Voice of our Creator. 

Let's combat the noise with silence so we may listen.