Living the Dream Through Writing & Publishing

Back in September, I released a children's book I'd been working on with my sister for over a year. It's called "The Hero's Choice" and I couldn't be more proud of it. (You can get a copy HERE if you'd like). It's the sort of the reason I've been MIA here for a while now. It took so much work, I nearly burned myself out. But, my goodness, was it worth it. 

It wasn't until I first sat down in the rocking chair that sits in my daughter's room with our copy in both my hand and hers that I realized something.

I was finally living the dream with writing & publishing.

First, I was able to give everything we've earned from the book so far to a great cause (which you can check out here) and has continued to be something I've felt called to do forever.

Then secondly, I've been able to read this book to my girl. It's message is a simple one that I wanted her to know: That with the Author of our lives, God, anything is possible when you live your story with and for Him.

And I'm both, honored and excited nearly every other night that she picks the "Felicia Book" (my sister's name who she is currently obsessed with). I'm giddy when she talks to the Hero, the main character in the book. I'm ecstatic when she covers her mouth at a shocking part, or spreads her arms out to fly like a superhero like the Hero does, or claps when we get to the end. And I'm even more thrilled when she goes back to the beginning to start again.

It's a feeling better than climbing any mountain top could give me.

If this writing and publishing this way ever gets "better" than this, (better than filling me with this kind of uncontainable joy), I'd love to know how. 

Because I'm blessed to say that by sitting in a rocking chair at 8 o'clock every other night and by seeing my little girl thoroughly enjoy something I did just for her, I truly feel like I'm living the dream.

May you find the something similiar in your passions.